Monday, 5 December 2011

Same hurdles and obstacles...

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In the year 1950, the Constitution of India came into existence and declared that men and women are equal and also prohibited any kind of discrimination against women...I mention this so as to ask what does this convey to you?

That men and women are equal? Is it not? really??? So then why this whole talk about emancipation and upliftment and rights of women!!! because the fact of the matter is that since then till now nothing has changed, same hurdles and obstacles....nothing much has been done, in this so called equal society women are being assaulted, molested, raped and abused and all this is being done in a way too casual manner..have we ever realised what is the real problem at the grass root level, well if you ask me, its not the men who need to be taught it’s the women who need to change.

NO battle was ever won by sitting and brooding at home, And yes the current society we live in is no less than a battlefield where we need to fight it out everyday, well not exactly with our kitchen knives or pepper sprays but with our smart wit, our sharp presence of mind and above all our courage, our courage to speak up, our courage to stand up for the women around us, our sheer courage to correct and teach our sons that how they should behave, if every wife resolves to tell her husband that she will not put up with his crap, if every girl friend turns around and tells her boyfriend that he is behaving like a jerk, if every mother(and i mention this in caps)teaches her son that he is/must treat women with respect, and if every sister can explain to her brother how humiliated she feels when she is letched at or when the boys in the neighborhood or his friends pass lewd remarks at too are sensitive creatures, it is just that we let them go astray, and the reason for that is our faulty education wherein we as women are taught early in life that our greatest worth in the world is HOW WE SOOTHE....and we tend to take this way too literally, tell me honestly all you women, how many times has it happened with you that you have found yourself in struggling situations ,where people were being unreasonable, crossed a line, but you instead of putting an end to it, of making a noise about it, choose to put up with it, kept quiet about it, instead kept shoving your hand saying Here! Here! Here! With plain desperation in your voice.......WAKE UP!!!!!

No you are not super heroes sworn to serve, and yes you have a choice, we all do...We all, each one of us are powerful in our own ways, we all in our small and little ways can make a difference..we dont always have to look for a support system, rather we can be somebody’s support, so next time when your maid comes home and tells you that her husband beats her up, don’t just listen to her tale with mock interest rather collect ten people from your neighborhood and go and confront that man, this is just an example...If we all do our bit only then this concept of "one voice" will be achieved.....Having a safe society for women is not an unachievable task, it’s just that men are way too casual and women way too scared...SPEAK UP AND LOUD!

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