Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Common man can also approach Night Gazetted Officers

Commissioner of Police, Neeraj Kumar has allocated special mobile phone numbers for the Deputy Commissioner, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Rotation Night GOs on duty) and for every Night Gazetted Officer in all of the 11 districts/zones in Delhi. This is to enable all of these officers to be easily contacted by senior police officials between 11:00pm and 5:00am during their night duties and to convey any important instruction to them. Apart from the senior officials, common people can also reach the officers during the night in case of any emergency.

Control rooms can also coordinate with night gazetted officers on these special numbers, to ensure effective and immediate action. Deputy Commissioners and Additional Deputy Commissioners are deputed for the city of Delhi and District level Night Gazetted Officers are deputed in districts as night officers on duty.

The allocated mobile numbers would remain the same for any officer on night duty for separate zonal divisions.

S.No District Mobile No
1 PCR (PHQ) Night Gazetted 8750870099
2 North Delhi 8750870199
3 South-West Delhi 8750870299
4 Outer Delhi 8750870399
5 Central Delhi 8750870499
6 New Delhi 8750870599
7 East Delhi 8750870699
8 North Delhi 8750870799
9 South Delhi 8750870899
10 South-East Delhi 8750870999
11 South-West Delhi 8750871099
12 West Delhi 8750871199

Friday, 21 December 2012

Justice for Gang Rape Victim and Safer City for Women

W.P.(C) No.7927/2012

1. This Court on its own motion has taken up this matter concerning with the occurrence dated 16.12.2012 wherein a 23 year old girl became the victim of gang-rape in a moving bus in the city of Delhi. Having regard to the serious concern expressed by a large number of women lawyers on 18.12.2012, a Division Bench of this Court consisting of Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice Vipin Sanghi directed the matter be listed as Public Interest Litigation and placed before this Bench.

2. There is no doubt that the incident dated 16.12.2012 is of a great concern to all law abiding citizens of this city and it is the right time that the citizens of this capital city must be ensured safety, particularly, the women and girl children going to schools, colleges, work-places, etc.

3. We have heard Mr. Pawan Sharma, learned Standing Counsel (Crl.) for the Govt. of NCT of Delhi. Having expressed a great concern, the learned Standing Counsel has submitted that immediately after the occurrence, the police have started investigation into the matter and one person has been arrested and remanded apart from three other persons were also arrested and they are produced before the Metropolitan Magistrate today. He further stated that the investigation would be completed in a period of one month and by that time the charge-sheet will be filed.

4. Mr. N. Waziri, learned Standing Counsel for the Govt. of NCT of Delhi has submitted that Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been constituted to investigate the case which is headed by Ms. Chhaya Sharma, DCP and the investigation has been carried on with utmost sincerity so that the culprit will be brought to book without any delay.

5. We have considered the above submissions. The issue concerns with two basic but important questions, viz. (i) the investigation and (ii) preventive measures taken by the police to curb such occurrence. As far as investigation is concerned, we direct the following:

The investigation by the SIT shall continue and the status report on the same so far made shall be filed before this Court on 21.12.2012. The investigation must be of high standard and there shall not be any lacuna.

6. As far as preventive measures are concerned, after hearing all concerned, this Court would be giving suitable guidelines for the same. However, as we are informed, the bus in which the girl was gangraped had travelled on Delhi Road at least for 40 minutes and there were at least three PCRs and there was police surveillance also. We are lost to understand as to how the bus escaped from the surveillance of the police in spite of three PCRs on the route where the bus had travelled when the police were supposed to have a regular patrolling as well as to check the vehicles.

7. Hence, the Commissioner of Police is directed to file a report on the above giving the details of the police officials who were posted at the relevant point of time including the police officials who were patrolling the duty during the relevant period and the actions, if any taken, against the erring officials. The Commissioner of Police shall also file a report on the steps being taken to prevent such occurrence in future. The Commissioner of Police shall also ensure that the directions of the Supreme Court to remove the sun-control films and tinted glasses from all the vehicles including the public transports as well. Commissioner of Police shall report as to the steps taken to implement the directions of the Supreme Court for removal of sun-control films or the tinted glasses beyond the permissible limit. We also direct the Commissioner of Police to ensure that no vehicle is plied within the territory of Govt. of NCT of Delhi in contravention of the directions of the Supreme Court. A report on the same shall be filed on the next adjourned date.

8. Mr. Waziri stated that the officials are facing difficulty in implementing the Supreme Court s direction, particularly, in respect of vehicles coming from other States. It is not as if the police machinery could not check those vehicles and ensure that sun control films or tinted glasses vehicles are removed as and when they enter the territory of Delhi, particularly, at the toll-gates and check posts where sufficient numbers of police can be deployed. This exercise shall also include to see that no vehicle runs with screens put up in windows.

9. We hope that the order of the Supreme Court as well as the above directions will strictly be complied with by the police thereby no vehicle with sun-control films or tinted glasses runs in the territory of Delhi.

10. As far as medical care to be given to both the victim girl and her male friend is concerned, Mr. Waziri states at the bar that if possible both of them will be shifted to the speciality hospital to offer the best possible medical treatment. If it is not possible to shift the victims, the required expert in the field will be called to the hospital where the victims are admitted so that they may be given the best possible medical treatment. The said statement is recorded and we hope it will be strictly followed.

11. We also direct that the Director of the Central Forensic Science Laboratory shall ensure that as and when the police approach him for the forensic report, such a report shall be furnished without any delay for whatever reason.

12. Call this matter on 21st December, 2012 at 3.30 p.m. Copy of order be given dasti under the signature of the Court Master.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Thank you for not helping!

By "Safe Delhi"
4th dec 2012. 7.30 pm. AIIMS metro station, gate no. 3. Right in between two of the busiest hospitals in Delhi. I was coming back from a happy day. Delhi metro, one of the safer modes of transport in Delhi (relativity to their advantage).

Got up on the escalator at the exit, there's nobody around me or behind me, but it seems ok. As I'm going up I can see a man's face at the other end of the escalator, he is standing at the escalator's ramp, off the escalator, so only his face is visible right now. He looks at me like how most men in Delhi do, the way that makes me want to punch them. Then he looks around quickly and starts staring at me again. By this time I can see his torso too and by the way he is looking at me, I can make out that something's wrong.

He looks like a midle-aged man, average build, slightly overweight, dusky. He looks in one direction, like he's looking at someone, and looks back at me.

The escalator goes up, he is masturbating. With his genitals out of his pants. He is standing there at the station exit, facing me, in his woolen cap(white-grey), sleeveless sweater(white grey) over a shirt (light blue) and grey trousers with the zip unfastened. He is rubbing his genitals and has a poly bag, the kinds typically patients or relatives carry (look like they have some papers and reports in them by the shape - flat and square). He is looking straight at me. It takes me a second to understand it. I know there's nobody on the stairs/escalator behind me, so I know shouting won’t help except it will make him run away and there would be nothing done about it. I quickly reach into my bag to take out my phone, so that I could capture him or call the cops in case he tries to attack me. He understands what that could mean for him and gets in a frenzy. Almost like he never expected this to happen. Before I could get hold of my cell, he takes off. I run after him, only to lose him in the traffic (I saw him cross to the aiims hospital side). I look at the side of the station where I thought he was looking. I see two men sitting on the railing and looking at me. They looked like they were watching everything happen.

There were so many people there on the main road, a little distance away. He was just facing the other direction and he thought he could do something like that. I felt unsafe. I looked around to find any policeman/guard/ security official. Anyone. Couldn't find anyone. I walked towards my home as I have, at times, seen a PCR van standing outside the gate. It wasn't there. I turned back once to go back to the metro station hoping to see what could be done but I felt too unsafe to go back alone.

I reached home at 7.40 pm. As soon as I reached home I rushed to my room and called the women's helpline (1091), around 7.42 or 7.43pm.
A female voice answered. I asked them "hello, kya me ek sexual harassment ka case yahan report kar sakti hu?".
Police officer- "hanji bataiye".
Me- "me abhi abhi aiims metro station se nikal rahi thi, ek aadmi waha khada mujhe dekhte hue masturbate kar raha tha".
Police Officer- "madam aap us hi waqt waha khade khade report karte to hum kuch karte na".
Me- "haan, par wo to waise bhi bhaag gaya".
Police Officer (rudely) - "to bataiye ab kaha kaha dhundegi police usse".
Me- "dhund to nahi payegi par kya ise report...
Police Officer - (yelling)- "madam ye 100 number se connected number hai, police ka number hai."
Me- "acha to aisa kuch hone par me kaha report kar sakti hu.........
No response. I realized she had already disconnected after her statement.

Whatever happened to ‘ with you, for you, always ‘ ?? Is this helpline just a mere formality ? What action will be taken against this man ? I am trying every method known to me. With the help of an NGO I have sent letters to the Delhi Police ( The Commissioner, Crime against women cell, Hauz Khas police station ( as AIIMS is under their Jurisdiction ), Delhi Metro. They keep on telling us to speak up. But where? how? Every night there are discussions on TV about women’s safety, is it all talk ? Will it ever translate into action ? Many questions, hope a few get answered.