Thursday, 8 December 2011

Black Santro, Sleezy comments , sounds familiar ??

Ashutosh : A small town boy, with dreams to succeed in this Big City"
Where I live in Fatehgarh ( Uttar Pradesh ) is a very famous road of my town. Famous in a number of ways, one of them is that, it has many educational coaching centre’s, varying from high school to masters level. Because of so many young people around the place is a rather happening one.

I was standing in front of my house, waiting for my friend, just hanging around, Boys standing in groups of two and four, wearing stylish goggles puffing cigarettes and chewing pan masala, acting cool. On the other side a group of girls, may be a dozen returning home from the coaching classes, On two Scotties and eight or nine bicycles, and all of them walking slowly, cracking jokes and laughing and all. Suddenly a black Santro car sped towards the group, the driver applies brakes just in front of the girls, makes a cut, one of the many boys sitting inside the car says something to a girl, and the driver reverses the car and flee the spot with top speed. I saw the boys giving high five to each other inside the car. The girls were shocked but not afraid. Now the topic of their discussion changed to, who were they and how to teach them a lesson and how to avoid this in future? In a matter of minutes, mobile phones (which are one of the latest trends) were ringing everywhere. Boys were blaming each other, some were scolding the others and some were consoling them. In meanwhile the main accused were nowhere to there. What happened later I don’t know, but such a thing never happened again.

Now, what was that?

Just think about it.

Some thoughts came to my mind.

Girls can and should take stern steps to retaliate any attack either verbal or physical they should not keep it to themselves and speak immediately. Men as fathers and elder brothers can help the young of family by setting examples for them to follow by giving respect and care to their mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters. Family is an important institution parents as our guides.

Hope I could convey my thoughts and hope we can bring about change in these simple yet complicated relations.

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