Tuesday, 26 August 2014

India is no country for poor, low caste villagers!

By Amitabh Kumar
Badaun, remember? Two young girls brutally gang raped, murdered & hung from a tree. 5 men were arrested, 3 of them from the dominant Yadav caste, 2 from UP Police. There was an international outrage ! Every so called ‘ Gender Sensitive’ activist/politician/leader/celebrity ( never ending list of hypocrites) tweeted, made posters, lit a candle ( after which we all went to enjoy our cold beers as it was summers and the happening bars had a different ice bucket challenge going on).

That was back in the last week of May, since then public outrage has shifted to Israel/Shiv Sena/Pakistan/Ebola/Indian Cricket Team. So did we ever wonder what happened to the victims family? Remember their Father, who was interviewed by every journalist with the genius question of ‘How does it feel?’, ‘What would he like the Govt to do ?’ , Or their Mother who was offered charity & justice & a better life by all the Ngo’s/PoliticalParties/Corporates.

Well, their families have now been told that there was no rape. In fact it might be a case of honour killing, So now it’s the victims parents who or on trial ??? Yes that is the wonderful justice system of India. It only works for the rich & the upper caste, if you are poor or belong to a lower caste you are protected by the lord almighty not the constitution of India.

Lets just compare this to Nirbhaya case which happened in Delhi, yeah close to our homes & home to 160 24 hour news channels, not to mention it was the cool winter of December. O yes that was ‘practical’, ‘easy’ to report/protest/attain justice for. Also she was not from the lower caste & the boys did not belong to a stronger one, in fact when the perpetrators are slum dwellers India’s justice system works faster than pizza hut home delivery.

But when it comes to poor girls from the interiors of Uttar Pradesh, why should we care? We will never go to that village for a Holiday? They don’t contribute much to the economy! They are nothing but the object of our pity, Who we show in our ‘Incredible India’ ads. Their acute poverty ads to our ‘unity in diversity’ slogan. But we all know they are not equal to us, but we all know we will never share the same opportunities, we will never face the same discrimination & the worst part of it is, we are ok with it !!!

So go ahead, light another fucking candle, start a tweetathon, photoshop that poster !!

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