Friday, 27 June 2014

Let's #UseCondoms!

By Amitabh Kumar
The reporting and misreporting of the Indian health minister’s comments has thankfully got our attention to the very important topic of #SafeSex. India really needs to improve its quotient on raising awareness about healthy sex practices in all age groups, especially the adolescents.

So, according to the Indian health minister what needs to be promoted is “the integrity of the sexual relationship between husband & wife as “part of our culture”. Firstly, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Indian culture includes Kamasutra & Ajanta-Ellora. Secondly, #SafeSex is the way to go, be it pre-marital, post-marital or extra-marital. It has taken a lot of effort to popularize the concept of safe sex. Please do not push us back in the dark ages!
In India we are still working on breaking primitive myths attached to sexual intercourse. As more young people indulge in sexual behavior (thank god for that!), we should encourage healthy & safe sex practices. A health minister should be encouraging sex education rather than making such ridiculous statements! (Sadly the bloke we have placed for this job is against sex education in schools!)

Well Dr. Harshu, sexual health experts across the globe unanimously agree that it is essential to educate young people about healthy sex practices.

I am guessing you must have realized your mistake by now & will not repeat it; until then, here is a song dedicated for you: Let’s talk about Sex baby:

A photo campaign to go with it

Oh and why just stop at that? I will help you out a bit more and post this #Condom to you, to act as a motivator to #UseCondoms!

You can #PostACondom to Dr Harsh Vardhan at his postal address

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