Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Love Jihad : The fake, the political & the bloody patriarchal!

By Amitabh Kumar
The Rashtria Swayamsevak Sangh (commonly famous as RSS in India, yeah its not Rich Site Summary here), has taken on both its arch rivals with this new fabricated political agenda, remember 'BabriMasjid’ (yup that forgotten mosque of the forgotten city of Ayodhya, which was broken down to build a 'temple’ aka "tapping on the financial insecurities of a religious majority, blaming their trouble on a religious minority". Does the example sound similar, reminds you of a funny mustached bloke going by the name of Adolf, wearing khakhi shorts strolling the land of beer)

Sorry about that side track, but trust me these clowns have a lot in common. Back to 'Love Jihad’, as Wikipedia informs us, its means 'an alleged activity under which young Muslim boys and men reportedly target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love.’ Hmmmm (sorry but lets just read this AGAIN !!!) : 'an alleged activity under which young Muslim boys and men reportedly target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love.’ Have you ever read anything as absurd as this? (to venture into the ruins of absurdity, there are always ways to protect yourself from it - Love Jihad : Precautions to be taken by Hindu girls, women and Hindu parents

Basically creating all inter-religious relationships involving Muslim men into some sort of an army mission ? Like seriously !!! So if I was to go out with a girl who is a believer, it would clearly be a 'atheist shadyantra (conspiracy)? But then again, it’s the boys from RSS, can’t expect much out of them (come on, if they were smarter, they would not belong to RSS now would they?)

RSS a very well organized structure is based on discipline, patriarchy & hate for all which they believe is 'non-Hindu’. They have sadly never been able to contribute in the progression of the nation, but have been in the headlines for beating up young girls at a pub, burning down Archies gallery for selling Valentines day cards, digging up the cricket pitch before an India vs Pakistan cricket match.

Their latest contribution 'Love Jihad’ is no different than their usual regressive ideas. It reconfirms their patriarchal beliefs (women are treated as a mere object, which can be battered to establish or demolish religious beliefs) & it spreads hate against Muslims (when we hear 'Jihad’ we see Osama Bin laden, the twin towers coming down & get scared. Though 'Jihad’ has nothing to do with all that, it’s a term used in Islam for our own internal battle against our own vices, nothing to do with guns, bombs, or 50 virgins after death)

Though this time they had some highly paid marketing guys advising them, so they tapped into another wave of helplessness/fear/rage, 'crime against women’. Ever since 16th of December 2012, crime against women, especially rape has been in the headlines. (which is a good thing as we have finally realized there is a problem, though we are still miles away from working on any constructive long term solutions, though once in a while we come up with idiotic preventive measures like, rape safe underwear & penis biting condoms) So yeah back to 'Love Jihad’ similar crimes were witnessed in the same geographical area back in 1920’s as well.

Uttar Pradesh sadly has a state machinery which can neither be called 'state’ nor 'machinery’, rather a family/caste dominated sinking ship tragedy. In the middle of this we find the youth of this particular geographical area experimenting with their sexuality. Some of the consenting sexual partners are from other communities, of course this is not acceptable by the primitive social norms. (Yes, consensual premarital sex amongst young adults is usually written off as rape in the police files, where as actual rapes are some how hardly ever noted).

In the middle of this we have the UP elections around the corner, with having won the national elections on the slogan for 'real Hindu, should vote Modi’. The same crew of goons lead by Mr Shah is all set to see a re-run in the state elections. And they will rape & revenge rape their way to power. Love Jihad is one of the most brutal poisons for the Indian social fabric, I honestly hope we are able to look beyond political gains& reject such notions.

Rapes, murders & generation of hatred, seems like an acceptable price to pay in India, after all it  is all for development !!

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