Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Spreading the Message

Donald Graham, Intern and writer at the Centre for Social Research
Drivers in Delhi stopping to fill up their tanks yesterday were asked to ‘Stand up for Safe Delhi’ as part of a major new campaign organised by CSR.
Flyer's and stickers were distributed at 2 busy South Delhi petrol stations by volunteers as part of the new campaign aimed at changing attitudes towards violence against women in the capital. Stopping and talking to a large number of drivers, passer-byes and auto-wallahs, volunteers, with owner’s permission, stuck eye-catching stickers onto cars and autos.
The campaign represents a new movement in Delhi, as volunteers and concerned citizens are brought together online to make a stand for safety in the city. The group has already attracted a large number of supporters through social networking sites and hopes to engage even more people in the future.
Working to help make Delhi a safer place for women, the group was established after shocking reports of violence against women became an daily feature of life in Delhi. They have called for more people to stop standing by and start helping out when they see a women being harassed or harmed.
For more information and to get involved with the group check out the Facebook group here I Stand For Safe Delhi and the website

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