Monday, 9 May 2011

Roundabouts in Delhi: A safer Delhi

Roundabouts in Delhi: A safer Delhi: "The other evening I was waiting on the metro platform at Central Secretariat on the women only section of the platform. It was around 9.30pm so there were only a few other women on the platform and a gradually increasing crowd of men sandwiched up together on the other side of the barrier. As the crowd of men increased, a few of the men nearest to the barrier defiantly walked round to the women’s section. Whistling and shuffling their feet as they did so, pretending they’d accidentally strayed onto the giant pink platform markings, they were mainly emboldened by the fact that the number of women was few and they were mostly younger women. As they edged their way across I could see them casting sideways glances at me and the other women stood around me. It might have seemed harmless enough but it made my blood start to boil. ..."

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