Thursday, 27 November 2014

#Vote4SafeDelhi: Calculated Promises & Promising Calculations

By Amitabh Kumar
Elections are round the corner, sources say 5thfeb 2015 will be the big day in Delhi. As ModiJi, Gandhi Ji & Kejri Ji, come seeking our vote. (Well the radio/Tv/Internet has already started jingling the tunes). We decided to have a quick look at their websites to figure out what was on offer this time. (our previous observation can be read: #DelhiElections!!! Whats going to change for the women of Delhi ?

Let’s start with the party in power, BJP, well they have a website dedicated to Delhi, good design, hi-res pics, most of the information about how amazing Modi Ji is, is to be found without a click. Though when it comes to finding an actual plan/manifesto/implementation strategy, the website is clueless. We have dropped a mail to SMT. Preeti Kamal JeetSehrawat the president of the MahilaMorcha (, asking her about how they plan to make Delhi safer for women. Let’s see when/if I get a reply.

Next we visited the Congress party website, unlike BJP they do not have a separate site for Delhi (or at least Google could not find it). But what could be found on this well designed rather uninformative site was a manifesto with a 15 point agenda. This 2 page document has a few specific aims, sadly none of them are gender specific. Unlike the BJP they do not have any specific person one could get in touch, so we have sent a mail to, also surprising that Congress just has 3 leader Mommy/Son Gandhi & Mr Manmohan Singh, what happened to the rest of the crew?

When we come to Delhi, it would be unfair to give the ever happening phenomenon of the Aam Aadmi Party. They do have a Delhi website Aam Aadmi Party, with too much happening on it. But the manifesto is clearly visible & Social justice has Gender Justice highlighted. Manifesto reading through it one can see that they have covered the basics. Though could have certainly been a lot more specific, plus included points about gender sensitization, LGBT rights.

That’s where they stand today. Doesn’t it make you wonder how do they plan to come up with genius ways of making Delhi safer for women in just a few days? Or is it all about calculated promises & promising calculations after all? Do our political leaders really want to change the scenario or is it just smooth talk to get our votes?

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