Friday, 1 March 2013

Delhi Police Recruits Women Officers

By Shreya Gupta - Intern (Centre for Social Research)
A long awaited move has been taken by the Delhi Police. Vacancies have been announced for the recruitment of 500 Temporary Women Constables (Executive). This is a significant move after the city has been plagued with complaints of rape, molestation and abuse. Women centric policing is the need of the hour and hopefully with increased number of women in the force, the situation may improve. At present there are 4,809 women officers of various ranks, ranging from constables to inspectors. Statistics reveal that there are 72 women inspectors – the rank at which they are made SHOs.

In 2011, 460 women constables had been trained as commandos and 25 imparted special training by CRPF. But despite regular presence of women officers in several cities across the country, Delhi Police continues to seriously lag behind. Women officers constitute a small 7% of the entire Delhi Police Force. Similarly other metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai have less than 10% women officers.

Till now women officers were usually involved in inconsequential and low ranks, owing to which their contribution had not been high. The move to recruit women officers at the executive level will thus increase their participation and contribution in policing. This presents a hopeful picture for the city’s future.

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