Thursday, 28 April 2011

Why is Delhi the rape capital of India?

The number of cases of rape reported nationwide has grown at an alarming rate: from 15,031 cases in 1998, to 18,233 in 2004 and a shocking 21,397 in 2009. Delhi has seen the number of cases of rape reported dip since a high of 658 in 2005, but it remains the location of more than double the number of rapes than in other Indian cities, including Mumbai (182), Bhopal (117), and Jabalpur (76).

How can we account for such rises in the number of cases besides a better reporting and more women feeling comfortable enough to come forward?
  • Urban migration?
  • Skewed sex ratios due to female foeticide?
  • A low level of convictions for those accused of rape?
  • Low number of police?
  • Lack of sexual education?

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